About Me

About me:

I would like to do this in two parts. One part detailing my professional background, the other part an open and honest, personal, about me. After all, I could be the most qualified guy in the world but I could also be the biggest, boring square you ever encountered!

So, professional side –

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I hold the following qualifications:

  • Active IQ Level 2 Certification in Fitness Instructing
  • Active IQ Level 3 Certification in Advanced Personal Training
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) International Certified Personal Trainer
  • Vivobarefoot Affiliated Barefoot Running Instructor
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Certification from EFA Training Ltd
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Currently finishing up studies)


Like many personal trainers / nutritionists, my journey started with a need to regain control of my own health.

Although reasonably active in my youth, my health began to take a turn for the worst in my late teens when, like many others my age, I began to choose hedonistic pursuits over healthful ones!

This entailed partying with friends on the weekends and all of the late nights, poor food choices and lethargy that came with it – not to mention the odd ‘social one’ that turned into many during the week!

Although very resilient at a young age, I soon started to feel the effects of my lifestyle when I started

university. Being a Music Technology Undergraduate didn’t help things either; before long, I found myself overweight, depressed and completely lethargic.

Something had to change.

For the latter end of my degree I resisted the many opportunities to attend friends’ gigs and music nights and knuckled down on my studies and reclamation of my health.

Before long, I managed to drop over three stone over the course of a few months and attained a healthy weight. Up until this point, my training was somewhat disorganised, but after being introduced to a local bodybuilding gym by a friend, my training began to take a more regimented turn.

Here, with the guidance of the owners – both previous NABBA contenders and qualified Personal Trainers -I learned much about achieving the purely aesthetic qualities of physical enhancement. I also gained firsthand knowledge of power lifting techniques and most importantly, effective programme design. From here, my interest in all areas of health and fitness grew. In particular, I became intrigued by the power of nutrition, researching the ingredients in every meal and digging into any literature I could find on maximising body composition / performance through nutrition.

This almost incessant hunger for more knowledge increased to the point that I became the ‘go to guy’ for nutrition and training advice in my peer group. At this time, I had successfully completed my BA (Hons) in Digital Music and was starting to gain moderate success in the area. Despite this, I came to the realisation I did not want to dedicate myself to a career principally based around long durations of physical inactivity, locked away from the outside world in a stuffy studio. I wanted to be active, feel fit and healthy, meet new like minded people and most of all, share my passion by helping others change their lives for the better. Next thing I was signed up for my Premier Personal Training Certifications and the rest is history.

Since qualifying with Premier, my obsession with nutrition (and it’s implications for maximal health and body composition) grew and grew! I made it my mission to seek out the leaders in the field of Performance Nutrition and learn everything I could from them. I got stuck into everything from the super-scientific work of Lyle McDonald to the more controversial works of John Kiefer and Dan Duchaine and of course ‘ate-up’ any nutrition info I could find from Alan Aragon, John Berardi, Brad Pilon, Martin Berkham and many more. As a result of my research, I became a human guinea pig!

You can read about my nutrition journey/experimentation here:



Personal side –


Name: James Peter Chad Kent

Favourite colour: Brown or Olive green.

Favourite food: ALL OF IT but mainly my mother’s secret Dempsey recipe Irish Soda bread! Oh and MEAT!


Likes: Anything fresh ; Fresh air, Fresh Prince, fresh towels, fresh breath, fresh fruit and veg,  Doug E Fresh etc…

REALLY LIKES: 90’s NY Hip-Hop, old kung-fu movies, Thai boxing, Western Boxing, kettlebells, the Russian accent, pull-ups, coconuts, calisthenics, carbs, strongman exercises, meditating, magnesium!


Above: Enjoying the best of both; Calisthenics’n’Coconuts! 😉


Pastimes: Bit of extra work in TV/Film here and there, reading (fiction and geeking up on nutrition/training), travelling, meeting new people, meditating, binge-watching series’, clothes shopping (even though I’m in my jock-wear most of the time!), cooking, baking and would you believe it…TRAINING!





Random JK facts:

I’m left-handed for everything except writing.

I’m terrible at football.

I’m pretty good at skateboarding although too old to do it now 🙁

I can jump pretty damn high.

I have knocked MYSELF out at least twice (at least once for trying to prove the latter statement).

I’m decent with nunchucks.

I love a good self-help book.

I once fell backwards off a treadmill trying to do a Rocky montage.

I have a rat tattoo on my right shoulder blade – not even a cool Master Splinter tat, just a regular ol’ rat.

For some reason all my girl-friends (not all my ‘girlfriends’ 😉 ) have always seen me as an agony uncle. I like it.

I own an awesome cat called Kiki  – and recently found out she’s half Scottish Wildcat!!


Some of my fave training tunes:

Danzig – Mother

The Roots – Here I come

Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

N.E.R.D. – Lapdance

Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Remix)

Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack

Wu-Tang Clan – Winter Warz

The Notorious B.I.G. – Respect

Pulley- Lifer

Pearl Jam – Spin the black circle

Big L – Da Graveyard ft. Jay-Z and Lord Finesse

Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder Dust ft. Justin Warfield

And for a lighter session…Hall & Oates – Private Eyes (No apologies!)